Are the slaps Unisex? Do you offer slaps for men?

If you have a head, you can definitely rock a Slap. Our Slap (satin-lined cap)® is versatile enough to wear regardless of gender.

I have subscribed to your newsletter but I do not want to receive too many emails!

First we want to warmly say: "welcome to the crew!" We do our best to only send you emails that we feel like you would enjoy! We promise to never spam you and offer the option to unsubscribe in every email if you change your mind.

I would like to order a certain size/color, but I do not see it/it is out of stock. Can you let me know when you have it back in stock?

We want you to have all of the Grace Eleyae products that you would like. If you notice that an item is out of stock, please email us at grace@satinlinedcaps.com (or complete the form below) with what item you're watching. We will email you when it becomes available!

I would like to make a product/color suggestion. Who do I contact?

If you have an idea or suggestion, we'd love to hear it! Please email us at grace@satinlinedcaps.comor fill out the form below.


I am unable to track my order/there is no tracking update. What do I do?

We're excited to get your package to you! If you're having an issue locating your tracking link, please email us at grace@satinlinedcaps.com so that we can locate the link and email it to you. Or you can sign in here to view your account, where you can see your order status.

Do you ship internationally?

Grace Eleyae products can be shipped worldwide and are sold on ecommerce sites in Canada and the United Kingdom. View Stockist here. To learn more about our shipping options click here.

I have not received my item! Is there a way you can help me?

We're eager to get your products to you and want you to be able to track it at any moment. If you're not able to track your package, either through your shipping confirmation email or through your online account with us or haven't received it within our guaranteed ETA, please email us at grace@satinlinedcaps.com, or fill out the form on this page, so that we can assist you.


I am not happy with the style/fit/size. Can I exchange the item?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you are unhappy with your order, please email us at grace@satinlinedcaps.com, or fill out the form on this page, so that we can assist you with your return. To learn more about our return policy, please click here.

I have sent my items back for a refund/replacement and I have not heard from you! What is happening with my return

It's our goal and duty to handle your return in a timely manner. If your items have been delivered back to our warehouse and you have not been refunded, please email us at grace@satinlinedcaps.com so that we can administer your refund.

I have received an incorrect item (wrong product, size, color, etc). How do I get my order corrected?

If you have received an incorrect order, we would love to correct that for you! Please email a photo to us at grace@satinlinedcaps.com so that we can look into the issue.


My discount code is not working! What do I do?

If you're having difficulties with your code please let us know by either emailing us at grace@satinlinedcaps.com or filling out the form on this page, so that we can look into solving this for you.

I have purchased an item but it is now on discount - do you do price adjustments?

If you purchased an item and within 24 hours of when the price was decreased, then we will give you the reduced price. Email us at grace@satinlinedcaps.com or complete the form on this page so that we can give you your partial refund. Please provide your order number and a screenshot of the reduced priced product. To learn more about price guarantees and adjustments click here

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