My slap keeps slipping off my head, what do i do?
We can offer you some suggestions that we have seen work with many customers. If the slap is too big, try folding the elastic band outward so that the inside of the label is visible from the outside. It becomes a little tighter. You can also try using 1 or 2 bobby pins on each side. Or, if you are able, try bringing the slap over your ears. This last option also makes sure that all of your edges are protected. If all of that just isn't cutting it and you aren't loving your slap, you can return it or exchange it for another product. For more info on our Returns and Exchanges policy, click here.
What is the SLAP made from? It says polyester, I thought it was Satin?
Our satin products are made from Charmeuse Satin and 100% cotton. Satin refers to the way the fabric is finished/made. It’s weaved differently than other fabrics. There are silk, polyester and nylon satins, for example. The slap is made with a quality polyester charmeuse satin. For more information on what satin is, click here.
Do you offer different sizes?
Sizes are coming soon! We designed the SLAP to fit almost everyone but there are exceptions. Subscribe to our newsletter to be one of the first to know exactly when new sizes will be available!
Do you offer discounts on orders?
We do run different campaigns from time to time, offering discounts on our products. The best way to stay informed and take advantage of any sales is to sign up for our newsletter. Sign up to get a 10% discount on your first order! For more information on price adjustments, click here
My product is defective, what do I do?
If your elastic is stretched out, broken or there is damage to the satin or cotton upon receiving it, you may return/exchange the item within 30 days of purchase. For more on damaged/defective items, click here.
How do I clean my GE Products?
Slap: Machine wash them in cold water, with like colors or on delicate. Either hang dry or tumble dry on low. Scrunchie: Machine wash; Tumble dry low Hat: Machine wash; hang dry. *If dried in dryer, product may shrink Pillowcase: Machine wash; Tumble dry low/dd>
Do you sell your products in any stores?
We currently sell only online, however that may change in future. To stay up-to-date on our retail locations, sign up here for the GE newsletter.
Where can I follow you on social media and other websites?
Great question! You can find us on: FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest
Do you offer wholesale?
We do, but only on the Slaps (Satin-Lined Caps). Our wholesale minimum is currently 100 pieces. Email us at for more information



What are the Dimensions?
Pillowcase: The pillow cases should fit an standard size pillow, with a dimension of about 27X19. It should fit any pillow within 2 inches of our dimensions! Slap: The slap is about 22 inches in circumference, and stretches to about 24 inches. The length is about 11-12 inches tall.
Is it the same material as the Slaps?
Yes, our Pillow-Cases are made from Satin. Satin refers to the way the fabric is finished/made. It’s weaved differently than other fabrics. For example, there are silk, polyester and nylon satins. The slap is made with a Polyester Satin.
Do I need to wear a slap at night if I use the pillow case?
The satin pillowcase is extra insurance that you will have the best protection for your hair at night. You can definitely wear both at night if you'd like. Or use the slap when your up and about and the pillowcase when you are asleep.
Do you sell the pillowcase in sets or by the piece?
Yup! Both! 1- $34.95 2- $59.95


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