What is satin? Grace Eleyae

Satin has many health benefits, both for your hair and skin. Whether your hair is straight, brunette, curly, super curly, or pink with purple spots, satin will be there to support it.

What, exactly, is satin?

Satin is a method for making fabric. It's a type of textile weave that creates a glossy fabric, and is created with silk, polyester, wool, nylon, cotton, and/or rayon. In everyday conversation, satin is used to describe specific types of fabric.

The process of making true satin is very specific. First, bring four threads that run vertically (called warp strands) to the surface of the fabric. The warp strands will "float" over a single thread that runs horizontally (called a weft strand). This method lets large areas of the thread reflect light, which makes the fabric glossy on one side.

To make the satin shiny on both sides, called double-faced satin, use two sets of warp strands.

Are there other types of Satin?

There are many types of satin. The differences depend on what materials the fabric is made from. Here's a list of satins to satisfy your curiosity:


Charmeuse satin is a luxury man-made fabric, created from silk or finely woven polyester. It is of medium weight, has no fillers such as acetate and/or nylon, and is very easy to wash. Take this satin with you when you travel, because it doesn't wrinkle! Like other satin it will prevent split ends.


Usually made of cotton, sateen is created using one vertical thread woven over two or more horizontal threads. It has many of the health benefits that satin has, but is not as smooth as the charmeuse satin.


This satin is made with a combination of silk and synthetic fibers. It's a heavy, stiff fabric. When you get lost in fantasies of walking down the aisle, or renew your wedding vows, most likely you'll be wearing Duchess satin, as it's great for wedding dresses.  


This satin is treated with a coating of wax to make it extremely shiny. It's also stiff. This is the kind of satin used in ribbons.

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