Satin: The most remarkable thing for your hair and skin

How can satin help my hair and skin?

Satin is gentler on your hair. It prolong styles, lead to less cuticle roughing, and give you a lot of frizz control.

Cotton, on the other hand, sucks moisture from your hair and causes a lot of friction. With a cotton pillowcase you may wake up to a lot of hairs on your pillow.

And no one wants that.

With a softer bed for your hair, you'll be able to wake up and spend less time getting ready. Less time with your hair makes more time for you to show the world the independent, powerful woman that you see in the mirror everyday.

Your hair is gorgeous and meant to stay on your head. Embrace your natural beauty by giving it a good night's rest.

Now, about your skin.

Satin is great for reducing sleep lines and keeping your skin moisturized. You know what it's like when you fall asleep with your face resting on a rough surface. You wake up with grooves in your face. These grooves weaken collagen which can lead to permanent wrinkles.

Your beauty never dies, but you don't want to age prematurely, either. The smoother surface will reduce the formation of wrinkles. Preferably the wrinkles that make you look older than your years, and not the ones around your eyes and mouth that show you've lived a life filled with laughter.

Satin is also wonderful for acne-prone skin. According to Seven Brown, the owner of Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic, "For people with acne, friction can be a big deal - it can cause lesions to open and spread bacteria to the pillowcase."

Uh, no, thanks. Satin will do for me.

Protect your skin so you'll always feel comfortable in it.

Be you. Be beautiful.

There are a lot of tips here, but with satin the list of benefits are endless. Click here for 6 more reasons to use satin.

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