Stylish Hair Protection - Not Your Grandmother's Satin Bonnet!

The morning kinks and the annoying tangles that come from friction between your head and a cotton pillowcase are no more!


Want to make your new style last longer? The satin lining in the SLAP helps to avoide the frizzes that come from harsh fabrics like cotton in pillowcases and other caps, and makes that style last twice as long!


During the day wear you SLAP out for stylish hair protection, and you can even deep condition your hair on the go!


At night, the satin lining keeps your hair protected from the friction that comes from sleeping on a cotton pillowcase and the elastic band keeps the slap in place giving you silky soft, manageable hair in the morning!

The Slap (Satin-lined cap) - Black


Gray Adjustable Slap | Satin-Lined Cap



Protect Your Hair... Grow Your Hair

If you're trying hard to grow out your hair, you're doing it backwards...

Protecting Your Hair IS Growing Your Hair, learn more by watching this video:

Big Hair... No Problem!

We understand that long braids, twists, and locs can get heavy and inconvenient at times. This video shows you how you can use a satin lined cap to protect your 'do and relieve your edges at any time!

Sharon Tells Her Story

Mom. Wife. Worship leader. Psychiatric Nurse. This Cameroonian native juggles it all gracefully. Check out Sharon Mbi's story as we place the spotlight on her balancing act and her journey to true hair confidence.

Stylish Hair Protection While You Workout:

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