Protect Your Hair

With the satin-lined interior and elastic band, we wanted to create something that combines style, comfort and functionality. It protects your hair while you’re out while you sleep!

Discretion Assured

Use a Slap (Satin-Lined Cap) on those days when no one but you needs to know what’s going on under there.

Natural Hair?
We Care.

Say goodbye to the dryness that comes from cotton pillowcases and headrests absorbing the moisture from your hair. The satin lining helps keep your hair moisturized while the elastic band keeps the SLAP in place all night.

Curly Hair?
We Care.

The morning kinks and the annoying tangles that come from friction between your head and a cotton pillowcase are no more. The satin lining in the SLAP helps to combat those unwanted knots.

Straightened Hair?
We Care.

keep your "do" longer by wearing the SLAP. The satin lining helps to avoid the frizzes that come from resting your head on harsh fabrics like cotton.

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