8 unique reasons why you should be deep conditioning

8 unique reasons why you should be deep conditioning

Dry, frizzy, dull, and unmanageable hair is one of the most frustrating things women deal with when it comes to a personal beauty routine. But you can have great looking hair, and it starts with proper conditioning. Here are eight unique reasons why you should deep condition your hair.

1. Do you color your hair? InStyle magazine points out that well-conditioned hair holds its color longer. Dry, unhealthy hair doesn't hold color well.

2. There's nothing like a bad hair day to zap your confidence. Hair that has been deep conditioned looks better, feels softer, grows faster and styles easier. And you feel better as a result.

3. Think your hair doesn't need conditioning? Deep conditioning treatments can benefit almost anyone who shampoos, blow dries, curls or straightens, or colors their hair.

4. It doesn't require a huge time commitment. Butterfly Studio Salon recommends two to three times per week if your hair is extra damaged. And according to babble.com as little as twice a month is beneficial.

5. The treatments don't have to be expensive or purchased from a salon - you can get them at home. In "Deep Conditioners for Hair: The Top Three Homemade Treatments" they recommend vegetable oil and eggs, or mayonnaise, or coconut oil as three separate conditioners.

6. It's a great excuse to put your feet up and relax. Read that magazine you've been meaning to get to, give yourself a manicure, or call an old friend and catch up while pampering your hair.

7. If you're trying to grow your hair out, or just grow it a little longer, regular deep conditioning can help speed up the process. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, and celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend, "Conditioner helps replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft...as well as seal the cuticle to help prevent more damage from happening."

8. It's always fun when your co-workers and friends admire something about you, why not make it your hair? Think about all the compliments you'll get because your hair looks amazing and everyone asks "what is your secret?"

    If you're often hard on your hair with styling tools or coloring, or you're dissatisfied with the current quality of your hair, try using a deep conditioning treatment. 


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