Grace Eleyae x Byrdie

Grace Eleyae x Byrdie

We recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by The Hustle, Byrdie's new series where they highlight women in the beauty and wellness industry. Grace sat down with their team for an in-depth article that covers everything from business decisions to who really is Grace Eleyae. Here's a short preview of the article where Grace shares about the transition from an Etsy Store to launching the GE Website. 


What was the journey like transitioning from Etsy to a corporation?


It had its challenges. We had a product, we had a tiny bit of traction from our Etsy store and influencers, but we didn’t have a sustainable and consistent way of reaching our customers and pushing them to our website. That was the first challenge. Once we had that solved and started to grow, even more, inventory management became a challenge. Making sure we maintained our high-quality standards even as we increased in volume became an ongoing challenge. And additionally, we had customer service, fulfillment, software, and other logistical issues that we now look back on as “growing pains.” 


Read the full article here.

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