How To Wear Winter Hair Accessories

How To Wear Winter Hair Accessories

Winter hair isn’t always a fairytale. The air is dry, the wind is cold, and your delicate strands need all the moisture they can get. Luckily, there is a way to protect your hair and look stylish while doing it... hair accessories! 

The Grace Eleyae winter collection is full of luxury hair accessories that protect your natural hair while taking your cozy closet vibes to the next level. 

Our signature satin lining is your secret weapon against breakage, dryness, and frizz. Take a look at some of our favorite styles and the easiest ways to wear them.

The Everyday Beanie

How To Wear Winter Hair Accessories 2

Winter wouldn’t be winter without a classic beanie to keep you warm and cozy. Our Everyday Beanie keeps the cold out while locking moisture in with Grace Eleyae’s signature satin lining. 

This beanie comes in an acrylic ribbed knit, perfect for keeping the winter elements at bay, with a stretchy form-fitting silhouette for the perfect fit every time. The silky soft interior lining is what makes this beanie stand out from the rest. While other materials absorb your hair’s natural oils, our satin redistributes them along your strands to preserve moisture. The friction-free design also means you don’t have to worry about breakage.

How To Wear It

The Everyday Beanie will be your go-to style saver since it goes with anything! Our beanies are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find something that fits your unique aesthetic. 

Pair this beanie with a relaxed athleisure look, or use it to top off your peacoat and scarf. The minimal shape of this hat means it can be easily dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Wear our Everyday Beanie on your morning commute, lunchtime walks, or your next snowy escape. 

Works over curls, braids, or even a low ponytail!

High Top Beanie 

How To Wear Winter Hair Accessories 3

A spin on our classic beanie, but with a bit more height! The super-soft acrylic fabric is insulating and fuss-free while the low-profile ribbed knit transitions seamlessly for an all-season wear. 

Once again, our signature satin-lining saves the day with reduced friction and moisturizing protection. The High Top Beanie is available in multiple colors with our subtly stylish tan label on the front of the foldable brim. 

Say goodbye to winter frizz and keep your curls soft and protected all day long, no matter how chilly it gets.

How to Wear It

If you’re looking for a more relaxed silhouette, you can’t go wrong with the High Top Beanie from our winter collection. 

Pair this accessory with a matching hoodie and sneakers, or throw on a long wool coat and boots for an office commute you’ll feel good about. Much like the Everyday Beanie, our High Top Beanie mixes and matches effortlessly with your entire wardrobe. 

Rock this style in the colder months all the way until spring and keep your curls safe and soft. 

Foldover Warm Slap 

How To Wear Winter Hair Accessories

The slap is back for winter! The Grace Eleyae winter collection has taken all your favorite hair accessories and made them cold-weather-ready. 

The foldover warm slap is a slim, form-fitting beanie in a mixed cable and ribbed knit pattern for cozy vibes all winter long. Our signature satin-lining protects your curls from the elements while preventing them from getting squished and matted. Preserve your hairstyle, and lock in moisture all while fighting winter-induced frizz and dryness. 

Available with and without pom, the Foldover Warm Slap boasts a classic look, with hidden protection that will have you reaching for it again and again.

How To Wear It

This beanie will have you feeling like sipping a hot cup of cocoa next to a roaring fire. Cozy vibes are mandatory. 

Try the Grace Eleyae Foldover Warm Slap with all your go-to winter looks. This beanie looks great with layers, bulky knits, chunky scarves, and puffer jackets. Winter leisure is calling your name, and this is the perfect slap to match all your active pursuits. Catch the train to work, enjoy a stroll, or feel like a kid and play in the snow. 

This beanie will keep you warm and your natural hair protected, no matter what you’re doing this winter.

Wool Beret 

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A style so classy you might just start speaking French! This light and packable accessory will have you changing your definition of hat hair for the better. 

The Grace Eleyae Wool Beret from our winter collection is made with a 100% wool exterior for superior warmth, while the satin-lined interior keeps your hair silky soft, and protected. Adjustable drawstrings give you the perfect fit so you can keep your beret secure and comfortable all day long. 

Available in a wide selection of rich colors, this hat will become your new favorite accessory from winter and beyond.

How To Wear It 

Pair our Wool Beret with any outfit for an instant classy upgrade. Thin-knit sweaters and solid colored long sleeve tops place your beret at center stage. Wear your natural curls down, in a low ponytail, or chignon for stylish ease you don’t have to fuss about. 

Match your hat with a long wool coat in a neutral color and you’ll have that French “je ne sais quoi” down pat for the rest of the season. 

Cashmere Slap 

How To Wear Winter Hair Accessories 6

Lightweight and effortless, just like your hair will be! 

Nothing says luxury quite like cashmere, and we’ve taken it one step further with our satin-lining. The 100% cashmere exterior provides feather-light warmth with a beautiful soft touch. Grace Eleyae’s signature satin-lining protects your curls from the drying winter elements while redistributing your hair’s natural oils to keep them strong and healthy. A ribbed cuff keeps your slap in place while the delicately knit cashmere stays warm without the bulk. 

Available with and without pom in warm neutral colors for maximum versatility. 

How To Wear It

The Cashmere Slap has your back from autumn to spring. A lighter weight option than our Everyday Beanie with just the right amount of soft delicacy to make this a great hair accessory for seasonal transitions. 

Wear it over your natural curls or a low ponytail with oversized knits and lightweight coats. While you wouldn’t want to take your cashmere on the slopes, this stylish slap is a great match for chilly city mornings and evenings unwinding with friends.

Slouchy Warm Slap 

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Is there anything cozier than a slouchy beanie in the winter? This one works almost all year long! 

Form and function come together in the perfect match, making the Slouchy Warm Slap a must-have item in your seasonal wardrobe. The minimalist ribbed knit makes this beanie look deceivingly light, but it will still keep you toasty on colder days. 

As always, our signature Grace Eleyae satin-lining is looking out for you, keeping your curls protected from abrasive friction and drying wind. 

How To Wear It

The slouchy beanie is a favorite of hipsters and tech gurus everywhere… but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it too! 

This laid-back look is available with and without pom, you can choose your slap to suit your style. Wear it with jeans and a hoodie, or add a puffer jacket and fur-lined boots if you’re heading out into the cold. On warmer days this slouchy beanie will look great with a cardigan or graphic t-shirt if you don’t feel like taking it off indoors. 

Wear your curls down or in a low, gathered style for maximum comfort. 

Adjustable Warm Headband 

How To Wear Winter Hair Accessories 8

Sometimes you want to keep your ears warm, but a hat just feels like too much! Reap the best of both worlds and rest easy that your edges no longer have to suffer when it’s chilly outside.Grace Eleyae’s Adjustable Warm Headband is your solution to windy days, cold commutes, and everything in between. 

The knitted acrylic exterior is soft and insulating while our signature satin lining protects your most delicate strands. Ther eye-catching buttons are as functional as they are fashionable, allowing you to adjust the headband for a perfect snuggly fit.

How To Wear It

Our Adjustable Warm Headband is your perfect casual-wear partner. Wear it with your hair down or a high ponytail for an upbeat, sporty look. Pair it with your warm winter-weather looks like cable-knit sweaters, puffer jackets, and snow boots. 

The comfy knitted exterior and delectable muted colors mean this headband will pair with everything from your neutral coats to brightly colored sports gear. Cozy up with a hot chocolate at the ski lodge, or take a jog through the winter wonderland. 

This practical and stylish accessory will keep your ears warm and your baby hairs soft.   

Something for Everyone

No matter your winter style, there’s something for everyone in the Grace Eleyae winter collection. With hair accessories for the great outdoors, and urban winters alike, your hair is covered no matter the occasion.

Winter can be a harsh season, but your hair doesn’t have to suffer for it. Unlike traditional hats, headbands, and beanies that absorb moisture and dry out your hair, our products are made with Grace Eleyae’s signature satin-lining that redistributes your hair’s natural oils for increased moisture retention and reduced friction. 

With our satin-lined hair accessories, you can feel confident that your delicate strands are protected while you’re out looking and feeling your best.

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