Meet the 2022 Winter Collection

Meet the 2022 Winter Collection

Winter weather can be rough, but your hair doesn’t have to be! Take a walk through our winter collection for stylish finds that will suit your wardrobe and delicate hair care needs. Grace Eleyae has everything you need to keep your curls silky-soft while you take on the winter wonderland. Stay warm with our luxury beanies, hats, and headbands that embody the cozy vibe you’re looking for, while our signature satin silk lining protects your strands from stress and breakage. We designed our winter collection around the styles you expect in the cold-weather season, with extra attention to detail so that your hair gets the love it deserves. Have it all this winter, you deserve it!

Style For Her

Fashion meets function with these beanies, headbands, and slaps! It’s everything you love about winter style, without any of the heartaches. Our hidden satin lining is your secret weapon against hair damaging friction. Unlike conventional headwear, Grace Eleyae products lock in moisture and distribute your hairs’ natural oils throughout your scalp. What does this mean? While you’re busy looking cute and cozy in a stylish beanie, your hair is locking in moisture while staying protected against the not-so-cute winter elements. Our winter collection has everything you’re looking for, from wide-brim hats, dainty slaps, chic turbans, silk scarves, and warm beanies. You don’t have to compromise the health of your hair to enjoy fashionable accessories. Check out the winter collection for her and protect your hair anytime, anywhere, and always in style.


Style For Him

Meet the Winter Collection 3

Let’s not forget to give the guys a little love. It doesn’t matter if you wear it short, long, or anywhere in between, your natural hair still needs attention and care. Our winter collection for him includes a variety of styles to suit your needs and tastes. Looking for something to keep you warm against the winter chill? Grace Eleyae’s signature satin lining will keep you cozy without overheating. Keep your outfit on point with our ribbed everyday beanie, while your curls are kept frizz-free, hydrated, and healthy thanks to that silk lining. Our winter collection also has baseball caps for those chilly days when the sun is out in full force. It’s sun protection and style perfection that reduces friction for a classic look with none of the backlash. Did someone say hat hair? Not anymore! 


Style For Kids

Meet the Winter Collection 4

Finally, you’ve found the answer to easy hair days for your little ones! Whether it’s time to bundle up in a warm and cozy satin-lined beanie, or you just need to get the kid’s hair out of the way with our silk scrunchies, our winter collection has what you need. Healthy hair is always in style, no matter your age. Start your kids off with good hair habits - the Grace Eleyae collection makes it easy! Our selection of kid’s beanies, slaps, hats, and scrunchies are made with the same friction-free lining featured in our women’s at’s A Wrap

Beat the winter hair woes with smart accessories that are as stylish as they are practical. The winter months can be brutal for your dry and delicate natural hair. Wind and cold air suck out moisture and leave your poor curls dry, tangled, frizzy, and prone to breakage. Grace Eleyae satin-lined hair accessories seal in moisture and protect you from the elements without causing additional friction. Keep your hair moisturized, protected, and tangle-free with the winter collection that puts you first. You work hard, your hair care should too. Live your life confidently knowing we’ve got your curls covered.

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