Slap Spotlight: She took her hair before chemo could

Slap Spotlight: She took her hair before chemo could

Grace sat down to talk more with Olivia Gaines, a strong young woman who is currently battling a rare form of leukemia. We got to hear more about her journey from Olivia and her mom, and how Olivia took control of her circumstances by deciding to cut her hair.


  • This is an amazing, heartfelt story!!! I pray Olivia will make a full recovery… There are so many people suffering from cancer; my family weren’t exempted. If we all come together and unite; be on one accord and pray to our Lord & Savior, then we can fight not just this illness but ALL illnesses… Prayer really works!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You Jesus for your Mercy & Grace!!!

    - Camille Green
  • Oh my God! What a beautiful story, beautiful Olivia and beautiful Grace for bringing it to us.
    Prayers for Olivia daily.

    - Cheryl Dade
  • Early January I was also diagnosed with cancer. It’s so hard to hear those words “YOU HAVE CANCER”. Since then I have had a bilateral mastectomy and will begin my journey with chemotherapy in 2 weeks. I have owned my one and only slap for some time now but I know it will be my heads new best friend. Thanks for making such a great product.

    - Tanzaika Lillard
  • The segment on my “O girl” moved me to tears. It helped me to see how we as moms can unwittingly cause pain and suffering in the very ones we love so dearly. We cannot allow social norms and standards to set the bar in our lives as “Kingdom Dwellers” because only our creator’s standards count. Thanks for making life clear. It is truly more simplistic than we realize. Once we know the truth, it will set us FREE.

    - Cheryl Gaines
  • Olivia! I have a daughter whose name is Olivia. What a beautiful name for another beautiful Sister-Woman. I am buying my first 2 Slapcaps!
    Sending you positive energy, strength and courage on your journey back to good health!

    - Linda Thornton Hillery

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