This is what your Workout Routine has been Missing.

Workouts are not all about having the perfect form, sometimes it’s the little things that we miss that make a huge difference.

Putting your hair up during a workout is highly necessary to keep your hair out of your face. Many women turn to bandanas and hair ties without realizing the damage that they cause with time. Wrapping your hair with satin will keep your hair and extensions looking fresh and healthy.

This cap is lined with satin so it won’t tug on your edges reducing the breakage that you experience from cotton.

The elastic band makes sure that the cap fits snug enough to insure that it doesn’t fall off but it’s still comfortable.



  • Yep. I agree with her except on one thing, THAT TAG WILL KILL YOUR EDGES!! C’mon SLAPS!! You can fix that!! It looks like she removed hers. I removed them on all three of my SLAPS. I noticed SLAPS when I saw the tag on several peoples head. So the tag and word of mouth is working for you, but please, Please, PLEASE fix the tag!

    - Portia

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