4 thoughts on “How I Wear My SLAPS by Taren Guy

  1. avatar Benita says:

    I love my satin cap I’m trying to see now if you have a satin fitted cap to wear under a wig I don’t like the nylon stocking

  2. avatar Madi says:

    Loved to see how many ways and styles she created with the slap cap.

  3. avatar Janice says:

    Right now I have my hair braided and I use my slap cap when sleeping or when I want my braids out of the way. I love the slap caps and I am anxiously waiting for the new adult sizes come out. I have someone I was to get it to. The are great.

  4. avatar Camille walker says:

    Please hurry and restock. My daughter bought my first cap. I am now a follower,but you have sold out of my colors

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