13 proven ways to grow super healthy hair

13 proven ways to grow super healthy hair

There's always talk about how to grow your hair faster, longer, and stronger. How about we just focus on healthier hair growth? Healthy hair growth is far more attainable than stressing over how fast or long your hair can get. Here are 13 ways to grow your hair the smart way.

1. Eat Protein Rich Foods - Your hair is made up of the protein keratin, and needs to be nourished from the inside out with a high protein diet. Great foods for hair growth are eggs, avocados, fish, carrots, and yogurt.

2. Drink Water - Moisture equals less breakage, and that includes from within your body. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, yet depending on your personal needs, you might need even more.

3. Exercise Regularly - Regular exercise, aside from the overall health benefits, improves circulation to the scalp. The better the blood flow to the hair follicles, the more improvement you'll see in your hair growth.

4. Less Shampooing - While a must for clean hair (especially if you exercise frequently), less is more when it comes to your scalp. For naturals, you definitely don't need to shampoo more than twice a month to avoid stripping the hair of natural oils.

5. More Conditioning - Conditioning improves the elasticity of the hair, making it more manageable and less prone to breakage. Be generous with the conditioner, get a bottle that's bigger than the shampoo!

6. Seal with Oils - After all your hard work, keep it safe with a light or heavy oil depending on your hair type and season. Pay particular attention to the ends, as it is the oldest part of the hair.

7. Less Manipulation - As tempting as it is, the more you pull and tug at your tresses the more likely you weaken the hair. Be delicate with your hair, opt for loose styles and wide-tooth combs. Finger detangling is also an attractive option.

8. Air Dry or Use Microfiber - If you've got the time, maybe on the weekend, let your hair air dry. If this isn't an option, use a microfiber towel or blow dry with low heat. No heat is even better, and using cold air will seal in the moisture rather than pull it from your strands.

9. Trim Splits and Knots - Here's a secret - too many trims don't actually help your hair grow. The most important times to cut your hair are when you see split ends or single strand knots.

10. Use Satin - Unlike cotton, which absorbs moisture from the hair, satin lets the hair glide along its surface and retain softness. Opt for satin scrunchies and satin hats to style your hair as they are gentler on your strands.

11. Avoid Heat Styling - Heat damage is irreversible, and may not be worth that cute style you were going for if done improperly. If you must heat style, keep it to a low setting and do so infrequently.

12. Wrap Up at Night - If you aren't sleeping on a satin pillow or using a satin pillowcase, then rest easy with a satin-lined cap or satin scarf instead.
13. Don't Stress It! - Taking care of your hair should be a priority, yet don't stress hair growth too much. It is a long process for some and requires patience with yourself and your hair.



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  • As A Natural stylist these tips are very healthful.


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