4 interesting ways your hair reveals your personality

4 interesting ways your hair reveals your personality

Personal style is all about expressing who you are. The way you rock your hair day-to-day is no exception; your 'do says a lot about you, whether you realize it or not. Channel your truest self through your hairstyle, and you'll start every day right.

  1. When you wear your hair naturally…

Whether it’s pin-straight, curly, or something in between, casually styled hair makes a powerful statement. You're telling the world that you are carefree and confident. You’re saying that you are comfortable with who you are and how you look.

Beyond that, natural hair shows off all the time and effort you spend keeping your hair healthy. Nothing says "I love the way I look right now" quite like wearing your hair down, in its natural state - and people will see that.

  1. When you wear your hair styled in intricate braids and updos…

Some looks just aren’t complete without a hairstyle that screams “special occasion.” Luckily, you don’t need a special occasion to go all-out with your hair, or let a friend do it for you! Braids, twists, buns, and all those variations you find on Pinterest add a splash of sophistication to your day, and that totally shows.

If braids of any variety are your go-to, you most likely embrace your inner perfectionist. If twists, buns, and knots are your fave, then you've most likely the creative type, always trying something new. Either way, intricate styles throw off a calm, cool, and in-control vibe that’s going to have people complimenting you all day long. In fact, this could be a great way to channel some positive energy when you’re stressing.

  1. When your hair is exotically colored or styled…

Unnaturally scarlet tresses? Half-shaven? Bold new cut? Always on top of the next big thing, before anyone even knows it's big? You’re a rebel, and that makes you stand out. Maybe you have always been adventurous with your look, or maybe you just needed to spice things up; either way, you’re going to draw attention. Enjoy it!

Everyone is drawn to a bright, high-energy person. Changing things up with your style could be a great way to entice some adventure into your life. If you're feeling inspired, check out a new fitness class or overseas adventure. Change starts from within, but a little help can't hurt.

4.) When you tie your hair up, back, and out of the way…

Sporty pony tails, messy buns, and other simple styles show that you’re getting down to business. Whether that means a major presentation at the office or a sweaty cardio session, people are going to recognize your drive and ambition.

Used sparingly, a simple style can highlight your hard work and your shining personality. Let's face it; you're fabulous every day, no matter what your hair looks like - own it!



    - Elaine
  • Thanks for the the hair personality information. I never thought of it in that way. Now I know why I’m always changing my style to to suit my mood. Thanks!

    - Theresa Blinker

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