14 remarkable ways to stop hair breakage

14 remarkable ways to stop hair breakage

 As women, our hair holds so much more than warmth for our head. Whether it's feeling attractive, or displaying our personality, or even defining our femininity, it is so much more than just hair, but, rather, a piece of our identity. Preventing breakage, and keeping our hair healthy is of utmost importance. So here are 14 remarkable, but doable, ways to to keep our hair healthy, by stopping hair breakage for all hair types:

Know when your hair is most vulnerable...

  1. Don't put your hair up wet. Your hair is most fragile when wet so no matter how tempting on those rushed days, let it dry!
  1. Wash with shampoo less often. Shampoo removes necessary natural oils, and in this article, it suggests to skip shampoo once or twice a week and condition only.
  1. Shampoo your roots only. When washing your hair, skip the normal lathering all over your head with shampoo, and, instead, shampoo only on your roots and conditioner only on your ends.
  1. Dry with care. Avoid the age-old wrapping your hair tightly with a towel to    dry, just loosely wrap to avoid the dripping down your back, and only remove the towel, no rubbing.  

Keep it STRAIGHT...  

  1. Don't split. Straight hair is more prone to split ends than you might think, and are more noticeable. So keep up on the trim!  
  2. Shine bright. Straight can truly bring out the shine, and have that mirror reflection, choose lightweight shine serum to bring out that glow!  

Love your CURLS...  

  1. Think about your texture. The thought is that all curly hair is thick or coarse, but curls come in all textures too, and will require different care accordingly. Find your texture type, so you can better know how to care for your curls!
  2. Know your equipment. It is especially important with curly hair to know your tools. Find the right brush for your curls, and avoid clips or barrettes with small teeth that will easily tangle in your curls.
  3. Diffuse the issue. When blow drying your curls, don't blow dry up the shaft of the hair, and use a diffuser attachment. This will avoid frizz and bring out your natural curl.
  4. No crunchy curls. With all the different products than that freeze gel, there are ways to avoid crunchy curls.
  5. Wear your masks. Deep conditioning masks are critical to curly hair at least once or twice a week. There are perfect, specific options in masks for curly hair.


  1. Check out no heat options. There have been many innovations to ways to style your hair without damaging heat!
  2. Change it up. Don't wear your hair the same everyday. Change your part, don't just wear it up every day, or change the angle of how far up you put it, this way you won't keep pulling on the same section of hair.
  3. Let your hair rest when you do. Rather than allowing your hair to be tangled and damaged all night while you sleep, get a satin-lined cap to protect and rest those locks!
  4. Embrace your hair. Embrace what type of hair you have, and don't try to change it too severely one way or the other, your hair will thank you!
Whatever your hair says about you or how you choose to style it, it means a lot to you and there are ways to help avoid breakage! 


  • I loved the last one, Embrace your hair. I am learning to love my hair as God made it without changing it into something else! I’m discovering as I do this I needing less and less of an assortment of products. Praise God!!!

    - Deborah Johnson
  • I have three slaps and always wear in bed and as much as possible . Problems I had in past prior to ordering caps are over

    - Vivienne
  • May I have tips on how to manage natural black women hair, how often do I shampoo and deep condition, and what can I use to keep moisturized? Thanks!

    - Brenda Lindsey
  • Hello, I have not purchased a SLAP cap, but I have a few questions. I wear my hair in a short natural (1-1/2"). My temples are thin (I wear a lot of caps/hats). I sleep on a satin pillowcase. I’ve decided to let my hair grow out. I’m 65 and menopausal. I would wear the hat, but not the cap. 1. Would the Hat hair make my head sweat? 2. would the hap assist in growing my hair out. 3. How does the hap react to hair products (coconut oil, shea butter). Thank you for your assistance.

    - SaRah
  • I’m so grateful for the SLAP cap and the information on taking better care of my hair and to embrace the hair God has given me. My second order included another SLAP (different color) and 2 scrunchies. This is because of the growth and health of my hair using your products. Now my daughter, she lives in Texas will be ordering the SLAP, she has gorgeous hair and cares for it tenaciously. Thank you for these products to help women take better care of their hair. Blessings to you!

    - Sandra Dority

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