2 Ways to Change your Look with a Protective Cap

No more dreading the possibility of being forced to grace the public in your satin bonnet. Now there’s a cap that offers chic style with all the protection you need.

When you finally put your satin bonnet on after the long process of your nighttime routine, you’re ready to stay in for the night. Staying in for the night is unfortunately not always possible ,,, but leaving your house in a bonnet is also against the law, or it should be. Well now there’s a cap with a whole new look but still offers all of the protection, it’s the Slap!

From the looks of it, nobody would guess that this trendy beanie is actually a protective cap. Now you can go out in public while your hair is receiving all of the benefits it would from a satin bonnet.

You can play with it and find your favorite styles that way you can change it up with different outfits, changing up your look but still looking fly.



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