3 Simple Steps that will Accentuate your Natural Curls.

If your curls have been lacking bounce and moisture, these simple steps will have you on your way to the hair you’ve been wanting!

Sometimes there’s no time to do an intense night time routine, this simple and quick routine will be effective and help your curls stay moisturized, maintain any style and most importantly, save you time.

If we told you that these lucisous curls were kept up with satin and a wash and go (for five days straight), would you believe us? Well, find out how your hair can be this poppin too!

Supplying your hair with satin is the most important part of any nighttime routine! This may look like a simple beanie, but the satin lining on the inside is really what does the magic. Plus it has an elastic band that will stretch around your curls, but still fit your head snug.

Next thing you want to do is go to sleep, sleeping with the cap prevents the friction that we normally see when using cotton pillowcases.

After removing the cap, separate your curls and style them to your liking, now you’re good to go!

If you’re just THAT obsessed with your cap (or you’re having a bad hair day), no worries keep the protective cap on at anytime! Nobody will ever guess that it’s a bonnet!



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