Leaving the house in a protective cap is usually a no no, but now it’s easy to hide with this Satin-Lined Cap.

Now you can look fashionable while rocking a satin bonnet. No more walking out of the house turning heads (in the bad way), now you’ll be breaking necks in your protective cap. Have a look at 3 fun and easy styles you can do while staying protected.

High buns are definitely a standout look! Rock your bun with a Slap so that the rest of your hair can be protected.

After a twist out night, cover the top of your head and leave some hair out around the cap. After the cap feels snug on your head, adjust it to your liking and you’ve got this cute and simple look.

Change up your look while letting your hair hang to the side, it’s easy! Just flip your hair forward, throw on the slap cap, and front out after styling it to your liking, you’re ready to go!

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