5 Easy Hairstyles that you can Wear with a Satin Cap.

Leaving the house in a traditional satin bonnet should be illegal in every state, but since it’s not, here’s how you can never be held down by your bonnet again.

No need to let your satin bonnet hold you back any longer, now you can get the best of both worlds with a satin cap that protects your hair throughout the night as well as look presentable throughout night.

The Slap cap may look like a typical beanie, but the satin lining on the inside is very versatile and can be worn without the suspicion of being a protective cap.

The hat is most protective when you tuck all of your hair in it, this is the best solution to getting rid of the nightly friction that you get from your cotton pillowcase. Wearing the cap will help you retain moisture and promote healthy hair growth.


Usually once your hair is twisted up, it’s time to stay in the house, but putting this cap on to cover the back of your head and letting some of the twists peek out will leave the rest of the world clueless as to what is going on under the cap.

For a fun and funky updo, bring your hair to the front of your face and let it loose while the back stays protected and fresh.

Deep conditioning never looked so good! Just make sure you put a shower cap or bag between the cap and your hair and you can leave the house without the worry of looking crazy while conditioning.

For the days where you just don’t have time to do your hair, fix your curls to your liking and then slip the cap over the top of your head, quick and easy but still presentable.


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