9 tips that will help free you from frantic travels

9 tips that will help free you from frantic travels

The holidays are here, which means it's time to head back home to visit family and catch up with old friends. So use up those vacation days, book your flight and pack your bags. These 9 tips will help you make the most out of your holiday travels.

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Don’t forget ANYTHING: Use a “Pack This” List  

If you’re prone to forgetting a few essentials on every trip, you can take advantage of a “Pack This” list. You can find one on Amazon or purchase one at Target.

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...but still pack light  

While the “Pack This” list might keep you from forgetting things, be careful not to overpack! Here’s the secret to packing light: mix-and-match your items! We’re talking neutral colored basic tees, jeans, long sleeves, leggings, casual dresses, pj’s, socks and of course, underwear. Depending on your travel duration, try to limit yourself to a couple pairs of pants and multiple shirts so you can mix-and-match throughout your vacation. Rule of thumb: if it doesn’t work with any other item in your bag, don’t take it! You probably won’t wear it anyways. Another quick tip – roll your clothes to save space!

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When traveling to cold areas: Don’t let your coat take up too much luggage space.

If your destination takes you to a warm location, move on to the next tip. But if you’re going somewhere chilly, keep reading. The key here is to wear a sweater on the plane (which will be freezing anyway). You may want to consider wearing or carrying your bulkiest jacket or sweater during your travels and keeping the other ones in your luggage to save room. You’ll thank us later.

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Shoes are weighty…pack with care

We suggest taking one pair of shoes you can walk distances in (for sprinting to your flight or walking big city streets), one pair of dressy shoes for events, and a pair of sandals or slippers, depending on where your travels take you. Wear your bulkier shoes while travelling to maximize your luggage space, but keep in mind, you’ll want to leave the triple-lace boots that take 10 minutes to take on and off in your bag so you can get through security quicker (unless you TSA Pre-check. See below).

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If you have some extra planning time before your trip: TSA Precheck!!

Why wait in the long security line when you can pre-check??  For only $85, you can register on the TSA website, schedule an interview at your local TSA office (usually at the nearest large airport), and enjoy the perks. In airport lines that offer TSA Pre-check, you’ll be able to leave your laptop in your bag and your shoes on your feet. You can even leave your jacket on if you zip it up. Best of all, the line is significantly shorter (most of the time), giving you more time to relax by your gate.

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Download your favorite content on your tablet or smartphone

Instead of taking your chances on the movies and tv shows the airline might offer for in-flight entertainment, take the time to download Netflix and/or Amazon Video to your tablet or smartphone the day before. That way you can download your current TV or movie obsessions directly to your device. Now you won’t have to pause your Suits, Stranger Things or The Crown binges. You’re welcome.

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Schedule your Uber the night before

When you have a 6am flight and you need to leave the hotel at 4am to make it to the airport on time, sometimes Uber and Lyft wait times can be over 45 minutes in the morning. In many cities however, Uber offers a feature called “Schedule your Uber.” The night before, sign into your app, enter the time you need to be picked up and sleep worry-free. Your carriage will be awaiting you in the morning.

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Don’t forget your phone charger…anywhere.

If you forget your phone charger, you can say goodbye to those amazing Insta stories. Unless you’re planning on unplugging during the holidays, don’t leave your charger at home. One trick to avoid forgetting the charger is to plug your phone in and place it on top of your purse, wallet or keys. That way, when you’re ready to go, you won’t forget it! And if you’re prone to draining your battery, invest in an external battery pack like this one.

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Don’t leave your hair out to dry! Wear your Slap (satin-lined cap)®

Last but not least, don’t forget your Slap (satin-lined cap)®! You’ll want to keep your hair undamaged, tamed and frizz free. If you wear it with all of your hair in, most airports will not require you to remove it. Wear your twists or cornrows with ease underneath your Slap, and know that your hair is protected against plane and taxi headrests. Best of all, you’ll look cute, stylish and ready-to-go! You can also easily carry your satin pillowcase in the carrying case it comes with to put over harsh hotel pillows ☺


What are some of your travel tips?


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  • Some great tips! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m definitely rocking my satin lined cap this season.

    - J'nae Simmons

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