Easily Improve your Nighttime Routine with This.

Easily Improve your Nighttime Routine with This.

Deck: Us girls are always looking for a simpler and more beneficial nighttime routine, have we really found a solution?

Intro: Wrestling with a satin headwrap every night can be a tedious task, why not eliminate that from your nightly routine with a cap that offers all the protection with little work on your end!

The Slap looks like a stylish beanie with all the protection of a regular bonnet.

Applying the cap before a night of sleep makes sure your hair stays moisturized and protected.

The magic lies behind the elastic band, this thing actually stays on your head comfortably all night!

The snug fit makes sure your rollers, pin curls or whatever else you want to sleep in stays put until the cap is removed.

Now all you have to do is remove the bobby pins (from the pin curls) and fluff your hair out and your hair is styled and ready to go!


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