How to Get Silky Hair with Satin Protection

You can start your journey to soft and healthy hair by adding satin to your daily routine.

Waking up with bed head means you have to get up early and sort it out in order to make yourself presentable before leaving the house. Supplying your hair with satin leads to friction free nights leaving you with more time in the morning.

Wrapping your hair with satin before bed is key to waking up to frizz free mornings. Frizz free mornings means less time preparing yourself for the day that is to come, so go ahead, hit snooze one more time, let the satin do the work for you!

Let’s just say that you hit that snooze button one time too many, no need to hop up and freak out, we got you covered! Just put the Slap over the top of your head, letting most of your hair hang freely and spend almost no time on your hair in the morning. We promise, you still look cute!

Keep this satin cap in your hair nighttime routine and you are on your way to siljy soft hair.

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