How to Stay Warm and Protected From the Cold.

Going out in the freezing cold is a gamble, your hair can be damaged or you can catch a cold. Now we there’s a cap that will protect you from both

In the winter, we are constantly faced with the decision of going out and freezing our buns off, or finding a beanie that will fit all of our hair in it without looking crazy. Now we can have it all with an added bonus of hiding our protective styles from the world on the days where we just don’t have time.

No hairstyle is worth going out in the freezing cold just to look cute--you have to stay protected and most importantly, warm. One of the biggest benefits that this cap offers is the fact that it will keep your hair protected in cold harsh weather while keeping your head and ears warm.

If you’re leaving the house last minute and you’re scared to run into everybody you know, like we always do, you can hide your protective style and nobody would ever know.

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