How to throw the absolute best friendsgiving party

How to throw the absolute best friendsgiving party

There is no better (and more delicious) way to give thanks for your besties than by throwing an unforgettable friendsgiving bash this holiday season. It’s the best time of the year to wind down with your buddies and bond over one of life’s greatest gifts, food! But to some, hosting a dinner party may seem like the end of the world. But it doesn't have to be! It’s all about wining and dining with the people that make life easier. So, make it easy!

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Two heads are better than one

First things first: rope in your best bud (or buds) and co-host. There really is a lot of planning, prepping and coordinating that goes into hosting a Friendsgiving dinner. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone! As co-hosts, you can brainstorm and collaborate together, making it easier for you. Plus, you get to spend more time with your favorite people! Who doesn’t want that?


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Food, Food and MORE Food

Every successful party has one thing in common…. FOOD!  Unless you’re a Wolf-Gang Puck prodigy, you probably don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen making a meal for 20+ friends. An easy-solution to that is having a potluck! Make a list of items you would want to see at the dinner table, distribute it to your friends and let them do the cooking! This is a great way for everyone to bring their favorite dish, have a lot of food and become a part of the tradition. Here's one [vegan] dish that will knock your friends' socks off :)


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Be Prepared

As you’re making checklists, don’t forget to check off the essentials and fill-in the blanks where needed. If your friends are taking care of the food, you may want to be in charge of the plates, cups, cutlery and any other miscellaneous items you can think of. Better to be over-prepped than caught off-guard!

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If you and your friends like to dress-up or get creative, you may want to consider having a theme for your Friendsgiving. You can tailor the theme to fit your friend group. Whether it’s a “Friends” inspired dinner with guests dressing up as their favorite character or a “Netflix & Chill” party where pajamas are required, make sure it reflects the essence of your
own friend group!

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Let the Good Times Flow

Think about having some fun activities to do before, after or during dinner. Your activities can be as structured or loose as you would like. Whether it be playing a game like Cards Against Humanity or Taboo, or arts-and- crafts or even popping in your favorite movie, a successful party always keeps the guests entertained.

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The Right Playlist

The ultimate playlist can set the mood and make or break your party! A great way to please everyone is to create a Spotify playlist and make it "collaborative." Have your friends follow the list, and then they can add in their requests! That way, you’ll please everyone’s musical tastes while making your job easier. It also gives you more time to practice your moves.

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Tell Your Friends

So now that you have a whole list of ideas, make sure to tell your friends! Give them advanced notice as some friends could be heading out of town for the Holidays. A Facebook event is an easy way to explain what’s happening to your friends, provide logistics and keep track of everyone’s attendance. For a fancier affair, you can create a Paperless Post or Evite invitation. That way, if they’re not on Facebook, they'll still get the invite. No friend left behind!

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Don’t Panic!

It goes without saying, but don’t panic! You may experience some stress in the days leading up to your Friendsgiving, but it’s all about hosting a fun and relaxing evening for you and your friends. The Holidays can be stressful, so don’t pile any unnecessary stress. Ask your co-host for help and don’t worry about things being perfect. It’s okay if the Turkey burns, you can always order pizza.

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Have Fun :) 

But above all things have fun with the people who have your back no matter what. After all, Friendsgiving is a way of saying thanks to the people who put up with you all year long.

Start your friendsgiving bash with this easy to make vegan spinach and artichoke recipe.

What are your Friendsgiving plans this year?

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