The 30-second hairstyle

If you're pressed for time but don't want to walk out of the house with untamed hair, this will be your go to look!


  • I’m down with an earlier chat……please make one with a longer hang/back, funkier look

    - Fran
  • Love,love,love it…..easy wear to the gym, I have order three of them already.

    - Audrey Mckenzie
  • The satin lines cap is nice but it needs more hanging material in the back which will give it a more edgy, & sexy look. I’ll wait on you guys to come out with that one before purchasing.

    - Lisa
  • I brought your cap a few months ago, it was great for a month. It stretched and will not stay on my head. I would love to have another one because when for that month, it did something nice for the texture of my hair and I felt good wearing it out but it stretched. I immediately sent an email in regards to this but did not receive a response.

    - Judeth City
  • I would really love if you could make shower slaps, that would be awesome,

    - Linda Desulme

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