10 Fall / Winter Curly Hairstyles with Satin Accessories.

10 Fall / Winter Curly Hairstyles with Satin Accessories.

" I always make sure that anything that I'm using has got a satin lining...Having a satin lining basically just means that your hair is going to be protected from friction or anything like that so it's going to reduce breakage".

Hey guys, it's Lana here and today I am going to show you guys some of my favorite fall/autumn/winter hairstyles and I felt like using a ton of accessories when I did these hairstyles because I don't usually accessorize and I've been loving it lately.

I've been using caps and beanies and hats and scrunchies and all kinds of things to try and create some really interesting looks, which I really hope that you guys enjoy. All of these that I'm showing you today are from satin-lined caps. 

 For the first look, I am going to take all of my hair into a  satin scrunchie, and I'm going to pull all of my hair through that once and then on the second time that I pull that through, I am going to sort of leave it halfway and then this kind of creates this faux bang, kind of pineapple bun kind of thing so you can take it to a side like that. Then I like to pull out some of the pieces that frame my face and I make sure that those are super cute by wrapping them around my finger and just turning them into ringlets.




Click on the video above for all looks 





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  • I loved your styles and your accent ☺️!

    - Denise Inez Banks
  • Does the slap Cao fit on mod back length locks, they ate well manicured but they need extra conditioning and something that will stay on my head at night.

    - Honora Williams
  • Great video as it is inspiring for me to do with my hair even though it is short I see the variations I can use!! Thank you.

    - Ondria

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