Stylish Hair Protection

Stylish Hair Protection

 I wanted to create something that women could wear to bed that was comfortable enough to wear and that had an elastic band so it stays on the head all night long. At the same time, for those mornings when you have to get up and leave to take the kids to school, to run to the store, to take the trashcans out, I wanted something that you could wear into public without feeling embarrassed.

So I created the Slap. It has a satin lining on the inside and an exterior fabric of cotton that's actually pretty stretchy, that fits all of your hair inside of it; and looks stylish enough to wear out.

"Whether you're going on date night or if you want to dress it up, dress it down, it compliments any outfit well".

The Slap is meant to protect the hair from harsh cottons, from harsh materials that suck the moisture away and leave the hair dry and brittle. What satin does, it allows the hair to glide along it, while keeping in the moisture in the hair.

When you're wearing the Slap, the satin on the inside acts as a protective barrier from any harsh cottons. It allows the hair to not only keep it's moisture, but it also makes sure that it remains untangled and it remains intact by the morning time.  

Get Slapped!


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  • Thanks!! I will try it again tonite.

    - Jane Skolnick

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