Looking to maintain hairstyles and keep her hair healthy and shiny, Naideen gives Grace Eleyae's Satin-Lined Cap a try and loves it!




Shirley Rackard

Shirley Rackard said:

Love it. Just got one love it stays on all night. . Sweet dreams

Rebecca Fuentes

Rebecca Fuentes said:

My hair has been LOVING this cap this winter!!!!

Kimberly Price

Kimberly Price said:

Yes, my fro isn’t frizzy and my hair isn’t dry and I’m loving my natural curls. I love all that the cap has to offer, however I believe you are missing my point. I need would like to have something that is a little more fitted, after all my fro is short VERY short.

Thank You

Beverly March

Beverly March said:

I love the Slap Caps so much; I actually purchased three.Unfortuanately, my Slap Cap stretched out of shape after a couple of months of wearing. I will, however purchase more because I love the way it helps to keep my natural hair moisturized and healthy looking.

Linda Smith

Linda Smith said:

I was looking for her to take off her slap cap so I see her hair. I would love to see the before, when the hair is sharp before they put on the slap cap, then see the next day, after sleeping in the cap.

Tonia Jackson

Tonia Jackson said:

i have not seen a chocolate brown color for the slapcap. Do you have that color in stock or do you plan to get it in soon.. I recently order the cap in off white but it’s a different off white. If I decide to return for a different color would that be a problem? What is the return address?

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