Mo Knows Hair Styles Her Hair with a Satin Lined Cap


Shirley Gadsden

Shirley Gadsden said:

My slap cap is not near that long. Are you making it difference now . When I first ordered I thought it would be large enoug to put my braid under but not so. It’s not near as large or lond fitting as it shows in the video. Can it be purchase in size now. I would love to have one that have more room for all of my hair. Thanking you. Shirley

Shirley allen

Shirley allen said:

These look comfortable would like to. Get a few..

Carolyn Maxie

Carolyn Maxie said:

Love it.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams said:

I have emailed with no response back. I bought a SLAP and it is too big around the edge. It slides right off my head. Did I get a defective one? Can mine be replaced? I thought one size fits all???


Erica said:

Love the slap but please tell me why she took almost 25 minutes basically putting a hat on…i can detangle my hair in about that time..just baffling to me

Shakira Henry

Shakira Henry said:

I recently purchased 2 of these less than 6 months ago and while I love the concept the caps have already become stretch out donto nightly use. Seems like that product may be better geared to those that use it occasionally to hide styles while running errands or something infrenguent.


Carla said:

Wondering what is the best way to wash and is it okay to put in the dryer? How does it regain its shape after wearing for a long time…


Tia said:

Cap is too big. Saw the advertisement with a child wearing a cap, which is somewhat misleading as I am sure the cap is too big for her as well. Still hat well made, yet to see if folding the edges will keep it on my head


Sabrina said:

I purchased two slaps. I absolutely love them. Looking forward to ordering more. It’s perfect for when I work out.


Carolyn said:

The slap did not stay on and the edge has stretch out. I have had it for about two months.

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