15 ways to feel confident on your worst days

15 ways to feel confident on your worst days

Sometimes you do absolutely everything right. You set your book next to your alarm, prep the coffee maker and lay out your gym clothes. But when you wake up the next morning, you feel it.

It's that undefinable lethargy. The exhaustion, the weariness. Suddenly your pores look bigger, your hair isn't how you planned it to be, and you're positive you see a zit coming. 

Fear not though. You are an amazing, gorgeous, world-conquerer and one bad mood will not take you down. 

Here are 15 amazing ways to feel confident on your worst days.

1. Take a long shower or bath

A hot shower or a relaxing bath is sometimes exactly what it takes to wash a mood away. Take a moment to add an extra bit of luxury, like playing your favorite song or adding essential oils. Rosemary, basil, juniper berry, or peppermint are all known to clear the mind.

2. Exercise

Try something designed to be refreshing instead of draining. Gentle yoga, dancing, or taking a walk around the block are great choices. Any of these activities can let you think to clear your mind, and get your blood flowing. 

3. Power poses

Studies have proven that you can trick your brain into believing you're confident even when you're not. Make sure you keep your shoulders back, your back straight, and smile. Walk tall. Remember, you are beautiful and you can accomplish anything. 

4. Affirmations

The power of the mind is astounding. In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill argues that setting your mind to something is the first and most vital step to accomplishing it. Telling yourself an affirmation can help you regain your focus and your drive. 

5. Wear your favorite outfit

Seeing your reflection when you're wearing a pair of jeans or a dress that you know make you look amazing kicks a bad mood in the butt. Knowing you look good boosts your confidence and your mood.

6. Play your favorite songs

If you know that there's a song you always have to dance to, play it and dance along. Music affects our moods and our minds in a myriad of ways, so use this tool to bring you to a better state.

7. Indulge a little

It's okay to pamper yourself when you're down. Treat yourself to something you love that you normally don't get away with. A rich piece of dark chocolate or a second cup of Starbucks can help get you through your day. 

8. Tell yourself a compliment and mean it.

Look your reflection in the eyes and tell yourself something wonderful. Remember, you are beautiful. You are strong. You can achieve anything.

9. Try for two minutes

If there's a project you're dreading, force yourself to start for two minutes. If you don't want to keep working after that, you don't have to. You put forth the effort, now you can do whatever you want. Sometimes starting a dreaded task is the hardest part, and once you get rolling you won't want to quit. Knowing you've accomplished something can chase a bad mood away.

10. Journal

If you're in a bad mood and don't know why, putting your thoughts and feelings in writing can help you find the source of the mood. Once that's done, you can move forward and find a way to fix the problem.

11. Watch your favorite movie

Studies show that by watching your favorite movie can calm you and alleviate a bad mood. Since your brain knows the ending, there's nothing to worry about. Knowing what is going to happen next lets you relax. 

12. Meditate or pray

Letting go of your stresses through meditation or prayer can clear your mind and help you relax. This is especially if mental well-being is already a regular habit. 

13. Kick ass.

Literally. Pin point what's bothering you. Imagine it clearly in your head, and kick away. Let your troubles know they can't bug you forever and you have control over your life. Mimicking kick boxing brings your body into a confident pose and gets your blood flowing.

14. Call a friend or loved one and talk.

Sometimes the problem is loneliness. Humans are social creatures so reaching out and connecting can do wonders on a bad mood. 

15. Allow the mood to be.

Sometimes fighting a mood doesn't work, so let it be. Acknowledge that you're not okay right now. Cuddle up in a blanket, lie down, have a good cry. It's okay. The mood will pass. It doesn't define you. There is nothing wrong with you. You'll be okay. You are an amazing, gorgeous human being and nothing will keep you down. 



  • I need a pep talk. I was shocked because I bit down on a frozen yogurt bar and lost three front teeth. HOW CAN YOU FEEL BETTER EXcept going to a dentist tomorrow which will cost a lot of money to fix.

    - Doris K Russell
  • Echoing ALL previous comments. I too needed this “inbox therapy”. It is much appreciated. Keep ’em coming.

    - Angela
  • I loved it. The 15 tips was just what my soul needed.

    - Carol
  • I think it’s awesome you took the time out to post a blog that promotes confidence.
    I’m relieved your a company that sees up as people and not dollar signs it so annoying to receive countless sale ads in my inbox
    I will diffently be looking forward to receiving your next email.

    Loyal 2satinlinedcaps

    - Chawk
  • Nice Reminders. Thanks I needed them…

    - Javoyne

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