4 Steps that will Make your Mornings Easier

4 Steps that will Make your Mornings Easier

Your journey to healthy hair can be as simple as tying your hair up and wrapping it with satin.

By adding moisture and eliminating the harmful friction that is caused from your cotton pillowcase, covering your hair with satin using these 5 simple steps can help you get the results you’ve been longing for.

After having a shower, allow your hair to dry completely.

Pull your hair to the top of your head

Twist your hair preparing it for a bun

Tie your hair in a bun with a satin hair tie.

Apply the Slap making sure that all of your hair is covered and protected, now you’re ready for bed! The best part is that the Slap is so comfortable you’ll forget that you even have it on!

See healthier hair that shines bright with little to no frizz.


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