The Endless Benefits of Satin in a Stylish Cap

Have a look at some fun ways to rock the Slap while protecting your edges and hair from harmful elements.

Wearing satin protection is nothing new, women have been dabbling in the countless benefits that come from it for years. It’s just they used a traditional bonnet that kind of looks … crazy! But now we have the Satin-Lined Cap. A stylish and versatile cap that has all the satin protection you need!

There are so many ways to use this cute beanie style cap while protecting your style and edges without the fear of damage that you can experience

Party in the front, protection in the back. You can let your bangs breathe while the rest of your hair is protected.

Don’t you hate when your hair is all twisted and then you remember you have to go out for something? Well, this cap will cover the hair that you do not want to be seen!

Ready for bed and don’t feel like tying your hair with a satin wrap? Let us save you some time with the Slap.


The best thing about the Slap is you can head out to handle your business and still be cute.


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