4 Ways Satin will Make your Hair Healthier

Satin is a simple and easy solution to getting healthier hair.

The benefits of satin are endless. It will help your hair retain moisture, limit breakage, end nightly friction and result in hair that is easier to manage. Now there’s a cap that packs all of this into one fashionable hat.

This cap has satin sewed inside of it, helping your hair retain moisture instead of robbing your head of natural oils.

Breakage is a girl’s worst nightmare, since your hair will be more moisturized, this cap will limit the breakage you see on a normal basis.

The satin inside of the cap eliminates friction you normally see from your cotton pillowcase throughout the night which will help your edges be healthier, and we all love our edges.

Satin will also limit the frizz and static that you see with your hair leaving your hair smoother and easier to manage.

The elastic band is giving yet snug, making this cap a lot more comfortable than other satin caps.



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