How to Wear your Satin Bonnet Out and Still Look Fashionable

No more being shameful of having to wear your satin hair protection out of the house. Now you can rock it without raising any suspicion of you even being in one.

Finally naturals can rock their protective cap out when they’re pressed for time, or looking for a fun way to switch up their style. The Satin-Lined cap doubles as a beanie and a bonnet which makes it a necessity to everybody looking for healthy hair.

This may look like a traditional beanie, but the satin protection in it is what will make it a natural girl’s true best friend. Satin will help retain moisture as well as rid you of frizz.

It may just look like a normal sized beanie but it has enough room to fit all of your hair inside of it, or you can rock it as a fashionable cap while staying protected.


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