Satin: My Hair's New Secret Weapon


If you’re like me, silky and shiny hair doesn’t come easy. I go through blowouts after blowouts at my favorite hair salon and I’m always freaking out about how I can maintain that silky frizz-free softness. I have tried everything – from oils to even cutting my ends, but I have not found a better way to protect my hair than this: satin.  protecting your hair (literally!) with a more gentle fabric – satin. And no, I’m not talking about those out-of-fashion silk bonnets.

It’s hard enough to manage our hair’s natural moisture, especially when winter is just a few months away ahead of us. If you live in an area with colder climates, you know what I’m talking about. Not only are we dealing with things like hat hair during the day, our hair’s taking a beating at night on our pillowcases.  As much as we are out and about in the daytime, we need to pay attention to hair care once you hit the bed.

Sleeping with a cotton pillowcase?  Wake up to your worst nightmare.  Truth: Your cotton pillowcase may be the main culprit of why you wake up with a head full of disaster in the morning (Or “the dreaded bed head”) After some digging, I found out that cotton actually strips the moisture from your hair while you sleep!   did some research and discovered that hair moisture has much to do with your dry hair conditions. I’ll Here’s a break down of  the most popular types of fabric that affect your hair:


Simply put: Cotton dries out your hair.  Think of cotton balls.  What are they for? Absorbing moisture! Cotton absorbs any type of moisture on which it is placed. And we all know that dry hair is the main cause for breakage and split ends – especially if you toss and turn a lot. Check your pillowcase tag! What else is your pillowcase made of?


Silk is light years closer to human skin than cotton and contains 18 essential amino acids. Unlike cotton, silk won't absorb the natural moisture during your sleep. It also doesn’t conduct static electricity or heat, producing less less friction, fewer split ends and hair breakage. The only downside - it’s expensive, high-maintenance, and needs gentle care in the wash. not very durable.


Then finally, there is satin. Satin helps your hair maintain moisture, leading to healthier and shinier hair. There are different types of satin (charmeuse, sateen, satinet), but they all work to prevent hair breakage and frizz. Ever since I switched to using satin, I have never been happier with my hair.  Satin works well for all hair types and is much cheaper than silk. If you have natural, curly, or chemically treated hair like me, you need to give this a try. For all you girls with straight hair who like to get perms or just curl your hair, satin will help keep moisture locked into your curls and extend your style.

Besides switching pillowcases, you can also try wearing satin lined caps to keep your hair at bay when you’re out and about. So kiss those those unfashionable hair bonnets goodbye and step out in style! .

This satin lined cap is my hair’s new secret weapon.  I feel great in it and my hair loves it too!

Start spoiling your hair with a SLAP today!


  • It’s ok, wish it came in different sizes as I can’t sleep in mine -too big and falls off or moves around so my hair gets tossed anyway. And, i have the olive green and it stained my pillowcase badly, even after washing it a few times. So only 2 stars.

    - Yolanda
  • I like the hat. Great outdoors accessory (even over a straight hair wig).

    My feedback would be that the caps should come in different sizes. Mine falls off at night as my hair is not yet as full and lush as all the youtubers. (And I have a small head ?) I tie a small silk scarf around the nape of my neck so the hat can grip onto the knot.

    I was disappointed about the £16 customs charge. If that were made clearer on the website that would be great.

    Overall, great idea.

    - Juliana

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