6 Ways the Slap Simplifies Your Mornings

6 Ways the Slap Simplifies Your Mornings

Do you feel cranky or groggy each morning? How about rushed? Have you risen from your beauty rest to feel not so... beautiful? If you answered “yes,” we bet you didn’t sleep with a satin-lined cap last night. Are we right? Sleeping in a Slap helps brings out the best morning version of you!

Here are 6 reasons as to why. 

1. No Bed-Head
Sleeping on cotton can cause some serious bedhead because it is a moisture absorbing material. When you sleep in a Slap, your hair will be rid of excess tangles and frizz.
2. No Excess Shedding
Ever wake up to see clumps of hair on your pillow? What typically happens is you roll around on your hair during the night and your hair gets caught between your body and the cotton pillow. You roll back around and yank it out. Ouch! SLAPs prevent this from happening; therefore, saving your hair from damage and thinning.
3. Less Breakage
Just like our skin and bodies, our hair needs moisture. However, with harsh weather, harsh materials, dyes, chemicals etc. our hair loses all of that much-needed moisture, which can lead to serious breakage. Even sleeping on a traditional cotton pillowcase can be a huge cause of breakage. This makes keeping moisture in the hair essential! Sleeping with a Slap protects your hair from those harsh materials and allows you to wake up with easy to manage, beautiful, healthy hair. 
4. Keep Your Hairstyle Longer
We talked about bed head, but what if we took it to another level? Not only will you not have bed head, you can actually keep the hairstyle you had the night before!  For an easy morning, do your hair the night before, and you'll be all set when you wake up. 
5. No Stress
Did you know that some people consider sleeping on satin to be luxurious and relaxing?  That’s right! Sleeping with a SLAP can make you feel like you’re at the spa. That means you get a more relaxed slumber and will wake up feeling stress-free.
6. No Rushing

Brushing, untangling, curling and straightening… fixing up your bedhead is a lot of work! And, if you hit the snooze button even once, your morning is rushed. When you sleep in a SLAP, your hair retains its style and texture far better than sleeping on cotton. Plus, if you still aren’t feeling your hair, you can wear your super stylish SLAP all day long!

For super easy mornings, click here and shop now. If you're not absolutely in love, send it back within 60 days at no cost to you. We offer free U.S shipping and returns. Click here to learn more about our returns and exchanges policy


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  • I am beyond thrilled with my slap cap! I have the black and tan. The next one will be grey. It tames my hair. I have no frizzies and my hair remains soft when I awake in the morning. If I need to moisture, I spritz a little water, make large sectional twists and pin up. I cover with a thin shower cap, put the slap over it and travel to work. Once at work I open up my hair and have soft moisturized hair. My slap cap closes out my day! Last but not least it sexy, stylish and cute for everyday fashionable wear. I am in love with my head bands also. It’s a quick style without much effort. Thank you GE!

    - Michelle Neverson Crawford
  • I ordered the black cap like 4days ago shipping was fast! When it arrived and I took it out of the bag it was so light weight, great quality material and stitch work very soft nice fabric on the outside and of course silk on the inside! I absolutely loveeeeee it!! I immediately went and put it on it has exceeded my expectations so far. However, I am a WILD sleeper so let’s see if it can uphold the sleep test lol. Overall great product I recommend people trying it out it’s everything my hair needed! With this cap my hair will retain moister and I can’t wait to condition on the go! I will also be buying another color. I’m definitely spreading the word!

    - Crystal
  • This company’s customer service is amazing. My emailed questions were answered promptly, and via phone I was immediately connected to a real person, not an automated voice, who was patient and incredibly helpful.

    - Imli Chakor
  • I received my hat today and I put in on before bed, and it feels amazing, I will tell my friends and I will order again. Great work

    - Christine Skinner
  • Please advise if the Slap is good as just a sleep cap. I have natural hair (no chemicals) on the back and sides. Balding due to tension from weaves on top.

    Thanks for your info.

    - Gennia Varnado

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