Find Out how to Replace your Satin Pillowcase.

Are you not digging the feeling of satin on your face throughout the night but loving the benefits your hair is receiving from satin? Now there’s an alternative.

For some people, cotton pillowcases are preferred to the smooth surface of satin cases. However, cotton can be highly damaging to your hair. Satin is the simplest solution to attain moisturized hair, frizz free mornings, and limit breakage for all hair types. Now you can get the best of both worlds with this Satin-Lined Cap.

This Satin-Lined Cap packs all of the protection that a satin pillowcase has into a beanie like hat.

If you have your hair in a protective style and suddenly remember that you need to run an errand, just place the cap over your head and the world will be clueless. Plus the satin lining will assure your style doesn’t suffer from frizz while being covered.

The elastic headband will comfortably mold to your head so don’t worry about it slipping off of your head while you wear it like a sleep cap.


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