How to Reduce Knotted and Dry Hair.

Every girl dreads waking up to knotted hair, sleeping with satin protection will end that.

Knots and tangles can really put a damper on the start to your days, so why not rid yourself of that worry all together? Satin is the easiest solution to ending it all! On top of taking some worries off of your morning struggles, it will also help your hair retain natural oils and promote healthy hair growth.

If you notice that areas of your hair are less moisturized than others, it could be due to the fact that your cotton pillowcase is robbing your hair of essential oils. Satin will help evenly distribute your natural oils throughout your head.

You can thank your cotton pillowcase for the knots and tangles that you experience the morning after your friction filled night of rest. The Satin-Lined Cap will supply a slippery surface for your hair to slide on leaving it without friction and tangles.


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