Find out the Simple Solution to your Hair Problems

From limiting frizz to ending your bad hair days, this simple yet functionable cap has you covered.

Getting moisturized hair can be tough, especially when sleeping on a cotton pillowcase that constantly sucks your natural oils out of your scalp. Instead of robbing your hair oils, satin allows your oils to be retained throughout your hair. Protecting your hair with satin will also limit nightly friction and give you frizz free hair.

Something as simple as wearing this cap will keep your hair from getting frizzy and dried out.

If you moisturize your hair a little before you apply the cap, the moisture will still be there in the morning. Even if you don’t, the cap will help you retain your natural oils and maintain any hairstyle longer.

Tired of waking up with your satin bonnet or headwrap ending up on the floor after a night of rest? The elastic band on the Satin-Lined Cap assures a comfortable yet snug fitting.

Step 4: And for the days that doing your hair is next to impossible, tie your hair up, cover it with a slap and hit the road because sometimes it’s nobody’s business what’s happening under the cap.



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