Here’s why your Bonnet is Unnecessary

Tired of the looks you get on those dreadful days when you’re forced to wear your satin bonnet outside? Well now you don’t have to be embarrassed by it.

Let’s face it, the old school satin bonnet that us women have been wearing offers great protection, but it looks outrageous. There’s no longer a need to hit the streets in your forbidden headwrap, now there’s a beanie that offers all of the benefits of satin while looking stylish and trendy.

It is officially time to get rid of that raggedy old satin bonnet that snatches your edges and turns every head when you wear them out on the street.

Now there’s a versatile cap with all of the satin benefits that looks a lot like a regular beanie.

Getting your twists ready for your nighttime routine and suddenly remember you have something to do? Now you no longer have to worry about looking crazy outside. Slap on this cap and nobody has to know what’s going on under it!

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