5 Ways to Spice up your Look in a Protective Cap

No need to buy multiple hats to switch up your look anymore, there’s finally a cap that does it all.

The Slap is a Satin-Lined Cap that assists with moisture retention to your curls a lot like a satin bonnet, just with a whole new look! The stretchy elastic band will stretch over your hair and comfortably hug your head without the fear of it falling off. On top of the protection it adds, there’s countless ways to have fun with the Slap. Here are 5 ways to switch up your look while staying protected.

When deep conditioning, place a bag over your head between your hair and the slap in order to allow the conditioner to set into your hair best and keep a clean product.

Braid and twist your hair at night then tuck your hair into the Slap and wake up with the beautiful curls you want!

Ready for bed? No problem! Just put the Slap on and keep your hair protected from friction, frizz and dryness throughout the night.

Tie your hair up pineapple style for a funky updo while covering the back of your hair.

Having a bad hair day or feeling too lazy to do your hair? No problem, wear the slap as a regular beanie without the worry of damage that leads to breakage.

However you decide to wear your Satin-Lined Cap, make sure you have fun with it!


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