How this Dual Purpose Nighttime Cap will be Useful to you.

It’s no longer shameful if you have to step out of the house in your satin protection with this fashionable bonnet.

If you’re looking for full coverage protection on your hair that won’t cramp your day to day look, this is the cap for you. From looking fly in bed to hitting the road with a fresh chic look, the Satin-Lined Cap has you covered … literally!

Even though this looks like a typical beanie, it’s lined with satin which offers protection from harsh weather and other elements that are floating around in the air.

Not only is it a protective cap, you can rock tit like a normal beanie both in and outside of the house.

If you’re not so into caps, you can always wear this beanie as a night time cap. It will reduce frizz and promotes healthy hair growth.

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