5 Things Black Women With Naturals Need To Do When Preparing For A (Sexy) Nightcap

"Bow Chicka Wow Wow!

So you are ready to have a nightcap with your boo but there’s one problem - you just washed your hair! Don’t let the idea of ruining your twist-out, ‘fro or locs prevent you from engaging in extracurricular adult activities. So what are the options available to enjoy a sexy, natural-hair friendly nightcap? You must prepare!

Keep Your Hair Pinned Up or Braided

The longer you keep your hair up and secure the less likely it will get messed up. Braiding your hair will help keep those edges laid and frizzy hair to a minimum. I keep my hair up all the way through my date and let my hair down when it’s show time. Bantu Knots, braids, fishtails and hairpins are your best friends when maintaining a fresh wash and it feels good to unbraid your hair and appreciate your natural curls with the added bounce.

Invest in a Travel-Sized Spay Bottle

Depending on your hair grade and texture a little water mixed with oil can be your best friend. You can skip the water and add your favorite hair oil or setting lotion that you can spray on your hair after your nightcap is over. It’s a simple and easy fix that you can style with your fingers. Try not to use too much product because you don’t want his memory of you to be a trail of hair grease on his pillows. Speaking of pillows...

Protect Your Hair Without Sacrificing Sex Appeal

Some men don’t mind bonnets and some do. I have yet to meet a man that has satin and silk pillowcases in his bedroom. So what is a natural to do to protect her hair? You can go the YOLO route and leave your hair unprotected for the night or you can come fully prepared. You can either bring your own pillowcase or you can wear a more attractive hair bonnet. I have a satin lined cap from Grace Eleyae that’s comfy enough to fit all of my hair yet stylish enough to wear outside in public without feeling like I look I’m prepping for surgery. If I wear it out, I usually wear some hoop earrings and lipgloss and it looks like a regular beanie.

Opt to Wash Your Hair At His House

If you decide that the previous steps are too much and you are in a rush, consider washing your hair at his place. It’s intimate, it saves time and you can add your leave-in conditioner when it’s damp and put it in a bun. A damp bun will not only highlight your face but you can always take it down when you’re in the heat of the moment.

So ladies, you can totally enjoy your freshly done natural tresses and enjoy all of the joys of adult time by keeping these steps in mind when you are with your bae. Besides, your partner should enjoy your hair just as much as you do." 

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