How to Style Your Hair With Slap Beanies

"I love sleep. My hair, however, does not. It seems that no matter what state my hair is in when I go to sleep, it’s a tangled, dry, unruly mess when I wake up. And, honestly, I’ve always just kind of accepted that this comes with the territory of having curly, moisture-lacking hair. Until, that is, I started sleeping with Grace Eleyae’s SLAP, or satin-lined cap, on my head.

What looks like a basic beanie is actually something of a hair savior, designed to not only help your hair retain its moisture but also avoid knots, tangles, and breakage. Grace Eleyae came up with the idea for the SLAP from her own frustrating hair experiences, which came to a head (no pun intended) during a 12-hour (round-trip) road trip in Kenya. The combination of exposing her hair to dry air and sitting in a car for 12 hours left her with serious hair breakage in the spot where she rested her head on the car’s headrest; something she attributed to traction alopecia, or the loss of hair due to pesistent pulling of the roots.

Grace was no stranger to silk and satin bonnets and headscarves for protecting her hair, and they do have their benefits. Not only do they act as a barrier to harsh conditions, but the fabrics are also friendlier to hair than moisture-absorbing materials like cotton, that can lead to dryness and breakage when they come in contact with your hair. But, Grace wanted a product that was discreet, versatile, and easy enough to wear basically anywhere, anytime. “I just kept thinking there has to be a way for women to be able to go out and have their hair protected and still look good,” she said in a video about her experience. “And thus, the SLAP was born.”

As a self-declared beanie fiend, I can definitely attest to the fact that the SLAP (which comes in a bunch of different colors) nails it in the style department: The simple, cotton exterior and slouchy silhouette make it an easy, throw-it-on-and-go-wherever option. And a cute hat that also blocks the harsh winter air from my locks is definitely something I can get behind.

But what really sold me were the nighttime benefits. True, satin pillowcases and silk headscarves are nice alternatives or supplements to cotton pillowcases when it comes keeping dryness at bay, but the satin pillowcases don’t do much for avoiding tangles, and the headscarves can easily slip off over the course of the night. The SLAP, with its elastic band, allows you to tuck all of your hair safely inside the cap (which is spacious and stretchy) and be pretty confident it’ll all stay put as you sleep. The result, for me, was waking up to hair so soft and smooth, I couldn’t stop touching it. Seriously, I was amazed. After years of brushing out morning knots, and trying various oils, conditioners, masks, and the like in pursuit of soft, shiny, healthy hair, I never considered the fact that the antidote to my oft-dry, frizzy, and tangle-prone hair would be a fabric, rather than a formula." 

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  • Hi I purchased a slap and the baseball hat and received them a few days ago. I would like to say I love it but for the money I spent I felt I should’ve gotten better quality products. The slap itself the logo sewed on was hanging off and their were stray thread throughout in places. The baseball cap was unable to be adjusted with ease. With all the money I spent I wish the products were better orchestrated. I do like the fit of the slap I just would’ve preferred to not have stray thread throughout or the logo hanging off which now is completely off. I like the cap but the piece that’s used to adjust it doesn’t even move.

    - Helen
  • Hi Grace I totally LOVE MY slaps. Have thought of doing denim slaps it could maybe be done with stretch denim. Also how about print slaps like the print turbans? The denim would be TOTALLY OFF THE CHAIN.

    You are a POSITIVE FORCE for all women.

    - Darleen Rodgers

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