Veronica said:

I have Locs .. how does the Satin Cap work on Locs?

Gloria Smith

Gloria Smith said:

I have curly coils, which slap cap is good for my hair type?

Kathy Ryan

Kathy Ryan said:

I have a perm, but I am getting breakage

Eurka Johnson

Eurka Johnson said:

I just receive my slap three days ago, and I can honestly say my hair not dry, tangle, and frizzy. I love the feel, fit, and the look. Feel really pull together wearing my slap out in the public. Really saves me a lot of time getting ready. I love my natural hair I have tight coil curls, but it doesn’t hold moisture, the dryness cause my hair to break off and not grow. I am really excited about getting more colors making slap a part of my wardrobe.

Nia T.

Nia T. said:

I recently purchased myself two of the slaps and I love the feel and the look. I’m excited to see my hair no longer breaks. I recently relaxed my hair along with a short cut…. I’m ready for my hair to grow and I saw this infomercial and was hooked. I’ve since ordered 4 more as gifts for Mother’s Day for my sisters. Thank you


Michele said:

Looooooove it!

Dinah Lumpkin

Dinah Lumpkin said:

Very beautiful and stylish purple cap! It looks great and feels good on my head. My hair is left soft and protected throughout the day.

Sandy Igbonagwam

Sandy Igbonagwam said:

I received my slap 4 days ago. I can say honestly that my hair natural has not been dry or frizzy. This is the only thing that has ever stayed on my head all night . I am loving it and looking forward to purchase more.

Kendall Miller

Kendall Miller said:

Its so interesting how one small thing can change your life. Just knowing that I am going to wake up with perfect hair, makes my sleep so much better. I dont have to worry about my slap coming off at night. I know that my hair remains conditioned and shiny. Whether i chose to go natural or to blow dry my hair straight, i know my style will remain looking fresh until i change it again. I am so grateful that you took the time to invent the slap. I ordered 4. My daughter took 2, my b/f took 1. So, i need to order a couple more for me. Oh, and they are CUTE too !! xoxoxo


Janet said:

I am excited about this product. I notice a co-worker hair changes. Her hair is not dry and it has grown a great deal. You can truly see her coil pattern. We are doing the natural thing, which I think is the best. I can’t wait until I start getting the same result!

Marnette Young

Marnette Young said:

Love it my is not dry and hard.trying to go natural I hope my hair will grow.

Pamela Smith

Pamela Smith said:

I just love my slap I have 2 I just order 3 more. no more fizzy or dryness thank you love the colors.


Janet said:

I received my two slaps . I can truly say my hair is not dry as it once was. My only problem is that the slap does not stay on my head all night long. Is there a way that I can use the slap so that my slap will stay on all night long?

Lisa W. Massey

Lisa W. Massey said:

I just ordered my first slap, but how do I wash/care for it ?

Marguerita Howze

Marguerita Howze said:

I received my slaps and was very happy to see them in the mail. I have locs and I was afraid of the dryness breaking my hair. These keep the moisture in and they stay on my head during the night. Love, love, love them.

Carla Lucille

Carla Lucille said:

I received my slaps (black and purple) and I love them. I am constantly on the go, so to be able to twist my hair and throw the slap on and go! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! My twist were tighter and stayed longer!!!

Adrian Taft

Adrian Taft said:

I wear my satin lined caps like I have no hair. They’re very convenient and a good go to to have. Thanks Grace!

Adrian Taft

Adrian Taft said:

I wear my satin lined caps like I have no hair. They’re very convenient and a good go to to have. Thanks Grace!


Selena said:

I purchased a slap cap my natural is soft and never dry. Get you one ☝?!!!!


Hilda said:

I’ve been using my Slap for two weeks and it works! Already I see the difference in my hair. Love it! Can’t wait to wear my natural hair fly wild and free! No more dryness and breakage!

Catherine E

Catherine E said:

My daughter ordered me a SLAP two months ago. I have been enjoying it very much, the fit is so comfortable. When I wake up in the morning my hair is not dry like it used to be. I have ordered me another SLAP I know i will enjoy it just as much as my first one. I will definitely be ordering me more SLAP’s in the feature.


Ivy said:

I love love love my slap cap, I have noticed a difference right away, my short permed hair isn’t dry, no breakage and no more itchy scalp. My only issue is size, I have a small head and have to fold over but glad that the cap stays on all night.

Barbara Pittman

Barbara Pittman said:

Ordered two purple. one for my daughter. Wore mine for a week. does not look like the ad. Will let you know what my daughter thinks.


Shanay said:

I love my SLAP. This cap keeps moisture in my hair and keeps it looking healthy and shiny. Will not be using any other cap from all these other hair stores. Thank you


Cora said:

The SLAPS on models does not look like your ads when I put mine on. The Models SLAPS look larger and mine looks smaller and feels tight. I’m going to give it a good try though. Thanks.


Shirleu said:

Just got my Slap Caps a couple of weeks ago have not worn one as of yet. But from just looking at them I know I am going to love them. In fact I already love them . THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Don’t stop making them. Will order more soon. Love YOu

shernette abrahams

shernette abrahams said:

Just received my slap caps a week ago and it has made a difference with my hair. My hair is soft and shiny.I am considering to purchase more.
Thank you

Francine Walker

Francine Walker said:

I just purchased my 6th Slap cap ,I Love them and will be purchasing more. My only advice is to machine or handwash them, make sure you let them air dry as the directions tell you I made the mistake of drying them in the dryer and they are smaller so let them air dry so you won’t make the same mistake. Very well made and they are my everyday wear . THANK YOU GRACE ELEYAE. GREAT PRODUCTS.

Roslyn Brown

Roslyn Brown said:

Need to make a smaller size. Mine keeps falling off

Marcia Philpot Murphy

Marcia Philpot Murphy said:

I have three slap caps. Love them to death. I have locs, and my hair loves slaps even more.

Deborah Jackson

Deborah Jackson said:

I purchase 3 caps, I wear braid extensions and my braids are so much softer, my braids lay flatter to my head and pillow simply saying my head rest much better on pillow more natural feeling a good night sleep.
Thank you Grace.

Vetta Manning

Vetta Manning said:

I have change over hair… I have not relaxed my hair in 2 years, but usually wear wigs or other protective styles due to my schedule and work. I have not taken this SLAP off my head since I put it on!!! I bought 2 and plan on rocking them both as well buying some to give as gifts for birthdays and Christmas! Thank you for your innovative design and passion for the product that you produce.

Karen Boyd

Karen Boyd said:

I love my cap.My hair is not dry and retains its moisture.


Brenda said:

I have a small head. should I order a med or large (for curlers)?

rosalind smith

rosalind smith said:

I love it!!!!!!! washed it first. kept it’s shape. I plan to purchase one in pink! thanks

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