Hair Moisture Tip #3 - Emu Oil

If you are suffering with premature hair loss; have naturally thin hair or have begun to notice that you are losing excessive amounts of hair then you should know that help is available. Today many people are discovering wonderful results when they use emu oil for hair growth issues.

1. For best results, emu oil should be massaged into the scalp 3 times daily to maximize results.

2. Whenever convenient, apply a larger quantity of oil and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing.

3. Put on SLAP and go to sleep, or leave in during the day.

4. When one follows this protocol, signs of re-growth usually become evident within 30-90 days.

5. Tell us how your experience goes in the comments below!

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  • Hello,
    I have white hair and I wanted to know when or if you will offer a cap with a white lining? The color bleeds if you use then with a conditioner or styling gel.

    - Lolita Smith
  • I was somewhat hesitant wen I first saw the ad and was very leery about the one size fit all. But, throwing caution to the wind I ordered the satin cap and received it today and all I can say is WOW! I love it. I have sista locks and find that this is the best solution to protect my locks while I’m seeping or even just to protect my locks period.

    - Judy
  • Urgh! Came back to purchase Wine Red and now it’s sold out! My mom favorite color Coral also sold out! That’s what I getfor delaying my purchase. Whhhyyy Universe…whyyyy?!!! Lol. Okay now that that is out of my system can you let us know when will you get those two colors back in stock? Lol. Absolutely love this product!

    - Syl
  • Just wanted to say that I used a small amount of DIY conditioner in my hair, put the SLAP on and left it in overnight. The next morning I had black dye all over my pillow. The conditioner had also soaked though the SLAP and stained. I would not recommend using the SLAP with a conditioner.

    - leigh
  • I I am having that exact problem.Losing hair. Very depressing. I have heard that emu oil was good for regrowth and I have some. I will try it. Thx.

    - Dar

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