12 Reasons Why Fall Is The Perfect Time Of The Year

source: heartsnmagic
It’s that time of year when the scarves come out, the rider boots make their debut, but yet, we can still feel our fingertips. It’s fall! The leaves change, the wind blows and the humidity subsides. Yes, unfortunately school starts back up (sad for the kids, hurray for the parents. Are we right or are we right??), the traffic might get a little worse and people lament after the sun, but those are suuper small details. There are still 290,489,323 dope reasons why fall is great, and we were able to whittle the list down to 12.

12.  It’s the only season with two names.

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Winter. Spring. Summer… Fall & Autumn. The other seasons are so basic.

11. Shows come back on TV

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Heeeellllo entertainment and time spent not doing work/homework!

10. Cozy Accessories 

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Hats,Scarves, Gloves Oh My!

9. Boots, Boots, Boots 

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 *Bonus Reason:In some cities, Fall is a perfect transition season. So you don’t have to say bye to those shorts just yet!

8. Frolicking in Pumpkin Patches 

 source: nofuzz

7. Drinking Hot AND Cold Drinks

source: heartsnmagic

source: heartsnmagic
It makes sense to start drinking warm drinks again, but ice cream can definitely still be on our radar. YES!

6. Season-Specific Delectables 

source: heartsnmagic

Caramel apples, PSL (pumpkin spice lattes), pumpkin spice oreos, candy corn, candles... need we say more??

 5. Sweaters and Cardigans


source: Olive Green Slap

Wearing leather jackets (in the name of fashion) without sweating like crazy, is clearly the perfect definition of a good time.

 4. Pies, Pies, Pies

source: kellyisakat 

 3. Apple Picking



What other time can you sip chai while pretend farming? Summer? I think not.

2. Getting a bunch of photos like this... on our feed/all over blogs all day. Every. Day. 

 source: other-side-of-midnight

and this..

 source: other-side-of-midnight

and especially this..

source: uh-la-la-land

We’re not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We’ll see…

1. Turning on (or being around) a fireplace for the first time.

source: sillyluv.com

 If you listen closely, you can hear the marshmallows roasting.


Autumn is upon us and we are FREAKING EXCITED. Gear up for fall weather and fashion with a fall colored slap. Click here to get yours!

Do you love fall?? Let us know why in the comment section below!

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