Amazing ways to protect your hair this winter

Amazing ways to protect your hair this winter
Whether you have straight, wavy, curly or very curly hair, winter's harsh conditions do not discriminate on hair types, even as winter is coming to a close. Those living in Winterland of whipping winds, freezing temperatures and snow has it worse than hair types living in sunny California. But regardless, it's wintertime, and even in sunny states, there are cold nights too. To avoid being a victim of dry hair, follow the 7 Winter Hair Tips below to protect your hair.  
  1. Use oil massage and towel wrap - Deep conditioning with a hot oil massage feels nice and relaxes you. After you're done, wrap your hair up in a towel to help infuse the oil into the hair's follicles for maximum moisture. For some DIY wrap ideas, click here.
  2. Use natural moisturizing products - Like your skin, your hair needs the same kind of TLC. For something even more moisturizing than traditional hair protection products like conditioners, try oils like jojoba, argan or coconut. Natural oils alone provide moisture and shine and nourish the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.
  3. Shampoo less frequently - Avoid shampooing your hair too often. Doing too much of it will strip off the hair's natural oils and prevent hair hydration. Aim to shampoo 2 - 3 times a week.
  4. Eat a healthy diet - Proper nutrition is not only needed for your body, but your hair benefits from it too. Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet rich in vitamins and good fats will help maintain and grow healthy locks.
  5. Use fabric Satin - Satin products not only feel good on your skin, but they also promote healthy hair! Try sleeping on our satin pillowcases, using hair bonnet or hair cap lined with satin. Products with satin fabrics provide other benefits for the hair as well.
  6. Don't blow dry hair too often - Avoid blow-drying your hair too often as it can worsen the dryness. If you must, use thermal protection products and point the blow dryer six inches away from your head.
  7. Style with a hat - While you find the ultimate hair protection methods to protect your hair, styling with a hat is a cute and trendy way to do so without being high maintenance. If you're going to do so, using our satin-lined hats is the perfect way to benefit from satin fabrics.
Maintaining the health to our natural hair can sometimes be tricky, especially when you have nature going against you. So, take care of your hair and style it smart and appropriately to the seasons. For more tips and tricks using our hair products, sign up for our newsletter, and we've got you covered.


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