Satin: My Hair's New Secret Weapon

  If you’re like me, silky and shiny hair doesn’t come easy. I go through blowouts after blowouts at my favorite hair salon and I’m always freaking out about how I can maintain that silky frizz-free softness. I have tried everything – from oils to even cutting my ends, but I have not found a better way to protect my hair than this: satin.  protecting your hair (literally!) with a...

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5 Steps to a 5 Day Blowout

Getting a salon blowout is the ultimate luxurious treat for a busy lady on the go. It’s so much work to recreate salon quality results at home, and sometimes it’s just not worth the time and effort. When you spend $40 to get your blowout the question then becomes, “How can I look like this every day?”

Well, what if I told you that you could extend your salon blowout for up to 5 days? Sound good to you? Read on for hair nirvana...

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12 Reasons Why Fall Is The Perfect Time Of The Year

It’s that time of year when the scarves come out, the rider boots make their debut but yet we can still feel our fingertips... It's Fall!

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Hair Moisture Tip #3 - Emu Oil

If you are suffering with premature hair loss; have naturally thin hair or have begun to notice that you are losing excessive amounts of hair then you should know that help is available.

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Hair Moisture Tip #2 - Olive Oil

OLIVE OIL! There are so many health benefits this natural hair conditioner has to offer, to give you that baby soft hair you crave.

Just to name a few, olive oil,

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Hair Moisture Tip #1 - Coconut Oil

COCONUT! Although oils are not moisturizers in themselves, they are amazing ways to maintain moisture that your hair already produces or that water gives you.

Due to its sealant properties not it’s moisturizing properties, we give you Coconut Oil. Yay!

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I Love My Mom For... #ILoveMyMomFor

Join us this week as we honor & recognize all moms by sharing what we love most about them! As a thank you for joining in on the conversation, one lucky winner will receive 2 SLAPS of their choice for themselves & their mother. You and your mom will also be featured on the SLAPS blog.  See you on Twitter and Happy Early Mama’s Day!

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The Slap's Life

Welcome to the new way to protect your hair! From when you wake you, to getting a great night sleep, our satin-lined caps protect your hair from the tangles, frizziness, and dryness that make it unmanageable.

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CloudyApples added satin lined caps (SLAPS) to her nighttime hair care routine!

Kassie from CloudyApples did a wonderful job laying out her nighttime routine, and it includes a SLAP! 

She also doesn’t mind rocking her SLAP outdoors and staying fly! 


Want to get the same hair protecting benefits with a Satin-Lined Cap? Shop now!

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Putting On A Slap With Braids

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6 Reasons To Use Satin To Protect Your Hair

Satin Lined Cap - Inner Satin Lining

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